About Our Products

At Little BB Love, we bring you a wide range of baby, toddler, and young children clothes for both boys and girls. Our apparels are crafted from some of the finest material to ensure the items in your hands are of exceptional quality and feel sensationally soft and comfortable, making them perfect for your little darling or as a gift to celebrate the arrival or next birthday of your friend's little one!

We carry curated brands and product lines from across the world that have been thoughtfully sourced and carefully selected. Our organic cotton products are made from OCS 100-certified organic cotton, to ensure the best safety and comfort for your child.

We are a sole distributor for Baby Lovett products, which are nickel-free, chemical-free, and certified safe in compliance with the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Class 1. Most of our baby and toddler sleep-and-play suits feature a two-way zipper, or the double zipper as some know it, which you will find offers maximum convenience and ease for you to change nappies for the little ones. Just imagine, you no longer have to remove the entire suit! Instead, you can keep it on your little one for warmth while you change the diaper, then zip back up and you're both all set to go! It's that simple! You will find this even more helpful during nappy-changes in the dark at night.

Still not absolutely certain of the benefits of 2-way zippers and how they work? Check out the video below!